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How to take care of your wooden furniture in monsoon

How to take care of your wooden furniture in monsoon

How to take care of your wooden furniture in monsoon.


Monsoon brings all the positive and prosperous vibes. The aura it sprinkles everywhere purifies the nature and make happy environment. With all the positivity, the monsoon also comes with some difficulties. Besides the infestation of bugs and insect, fungus germination and intrusion of moisture, control is a sheer demand of this season. Moisture intrusion in your premises may cause cold attacks and flu and other infections, but have you watched that your costly wooden furniture and furnishing often get dull, shine less, and deglamorized during monsoon? Have you ever think about how to take care of your wooden furniture?

The best top 6 suggestions you need this monsoon to prevent your wooden furniture from damage of monsoon


 1.  Keep Furniture Away From Wall

To protect furniture from rain, move all the wooden furniture at least five inches away from the wall. In monsoon, the walls accrue moisture and get wet, and it can damage the wood furniture. It is good for the walls as well because the concrete structures get the space to breathe and get rid of the humidity but not as good as for furniture.

2. Dusting Using Dry Cloth

One of the basic wood furniture care tips is to always use a dry and clean cloth for dusting the furniture. Wet or moist cloth will damage your wooden assets in long term. The moisture will help the mould to develop, which is not only adverse to the health of the wood but is also harmful to the dwellers too. The mantra is to keep your wooden furniture away from damaes.


3. Mind The Edges

Seal the cracks, joints, and corners of the wooden furniture (if any) with the best coatings and sealants because that basically allows the initial level of cracks then in monsoon the wooden structure gets but nice maple furniture deals in the authentic wooden craft for the best furniture around people.

4. Use Pesticides Deodrants

You can use pesticide deodorants like camphor tablets and naphthalene balls. They are good moisture absorbers and also keep the pests away. Even while visiting the nice maple online and offline store you can ask the experts for all the tips and how to take care of your home furniture for a long period of time.

5. Avoid Drying Clothes On Furniture Pieces

One more very important wood furniture care tip is to stop drying clothes on wooden furniture and railings of it. It is one of the day to Day practices followed in most households during the monsoon which is also very harmful for life of your wooden furniture. People conveniently put wet clothes on furniture pieces or staircase railings for drying because obviously it rains outside and you can’t get the sunlight . Well, that is a bad idea if the railing and furniture are made of wood. Always make sure you have enough and more space for your clothes in your house for monsoons so that your furniture does not bear the brunt of damp clothes.

6. Keeps Doors And Windows Hinges Oiled or Waxed

Furniture care in monsoon season is a priority because during this season, the wardrobe, doors and windows usually produce a creaky noise. They seem jammed and do not operate smoothly. Because they eventually get swole because of the moisture get lock in the wood. If somehow, they get stuck, don’t pull, rush or exert extra pressure! To make the hassle free process, oil them or get them waxed before the onset of monsoon. This will keep them in working condition through the wet season. But nicemaple brings all these quality check even before you buy it! Because it’s made that way.


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