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Best 6 ways to Décor your home and give a new fresh look.

Best 6 ways to Décor your home and give a new fresh look.
  • Front Door


Wants to Décor your Home? First of all, give your front door a restoration. Make it Attractive by painting your old door with a new colour or installing a brand one. Your Entrance/front door will be attractive and should give a positive vibe whenever someone enters through the door.

If you think your door is too old then Replacing it with a new one is a good idea because it was the 1st impression of your house whenever someone enters in your house/room.


  • Give your floors a wooden Touch
sofa set

A classic and simple way to Décor your home is to give your floors a wooden touch. Updating your floors with a laminate flooring that looks like wood is an affordable and easy home Décor idea. They are very quick and install and complete within a few hours. Wooden floors can give a Standard and lasting look to your home. They are durable and convenient when it comes to maintenance and cleaning.


  • Décor ideas for Storage Space

nice maple sofa set

One effortless home Décor idea is to include more storage space throughout your home. You can begin by including floating wall shelves to keep books, Flower Pots, décor items, etc. Apart from décor your home, it will also give your home a new and organized look, especially if you are looking for home improvement/décor ideas for small/medium houses.


  • Nature Light

If you’re looking for tips for home décor, think about improving the natural light throughout your home! Pull out old windows and install large floor-to-ceiling windows. Or Go Easy with your décor by just painting interiors with white colour to help light reflect better throughout your home.

Go glossy in your kitchen and bathroom with shiny surfaces on units, again this will reflect light filtering into the room and make the space look brighter and bigger.


  • Put a Bold Floor Lamp in the Corner

A floor lamp grabs the attention when it comes to home décor ideas, it’s a superb thing to do. This little corner is sleek, stylish, and perfectly handsome as is, thanks to the modern leather slough. That floor-to-ceiling lamp is an architectural beauty that really brings in that added wow factor. Look for a floor lamp that doubles as artwork for a similar vibe.


  • Give your door Handles a new look

One of the best DIY home décor ideas that only takes a day or two to complete is updating your door handles. Change your old out-dated brass knobs door handles with a new-one sleek, matte finish! If you’re on a budget, you can even use spray paint to give your handles an upgraded feel.


Bonus: Décor the sitting area of your living room

You can décor your living room by arrange a perfect sofa-set that matches your room colour combination because the living room is one of the most used spaces in the house, which means it not only needs to look great but also needs to be functional and comfortable.

With dozens of upholstery and finish combinations to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect SILVER ORCHID JEWEL sofa to fit your interior. This piece would look great in any modern interior but would look especially at home in a space inspired by futurism, minimalism, or contemporary style.


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