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Here's How to Clean Your Wooden Furniture for Deepavali This Year!

Here's How to Clean Your Wooden Furniture for Deepavali This Year!

While you’re drawing up your Diwali schedule for cleaning your home this year, remember that your furniture requires special attention as well, especially if it's made of wood. 


In India, wooden furniture is quite common. This is because along with looking good, it lasts long as well. Especially by Nice Maple And the best part about having wooden furniture is that it is fairly simple to take care of it. So, follow these easy tips and your Diwali guests will be in awe of how good your wooden furniture looks!

Don’t let water collect on your wooden furniture. Wipe it off immediately and your furniture will not only have fewer stains but also last longer.


1) Dust and Vacuum

You need to clean off any loose dust from your furniture first. You can use a vacuum cleaner to do this or take a duster and wipe your furniture. Next, make a solution comprising 1 cup of warm water and 2 tsp. of vinegar. Mix this well. Dip a cloth in the solution. Wipe your wooden furniture with the cloth. Finally, take a dry cloth and wipe off any excess water. Doing this will also help you avoid watermarks.


2) Fill Scratches

After you have finished wiping your wooden furniture clean, you need to fill in any scratches or dents. Use a wax crayon to do this. Take one that matches the colour of your furniture and rub it all over any marks or scratches. This will allow the crayon to harden over your furniture, leaving it looking as good as new. Rubbing a shelled walnut over your wooden furniture also helps fill scratches.


3) Get Rid of Termites

Make a solution comprising 2 cups of neem juice and 1 cup of water. Mix and pour into a spray bottle. Spray this on the affected area.


4) Add Shine to Your Furniture

Wooden furniture tends to not only become dusty but also starts looking worn after a while. Rub wax on your wooden furniture to retain its shine. If you don’t have wax, take a banana peel or olive oil. Rub the banana peel over your furniture; the oil can be sprayed. Then wipe off with a dry cloth.

Follow these tips and your wooden furniture will look amazing for your Diwali party!


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